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The Conflict Resolution Place for Dispute Management is one of the most cutting edge, technology advanced Mediation/Arbitration firms in the area of dispute resolution. Most, if not all legal disputes today have technology that plays a role in the dispute.

Covid-19 Disputes:

With disputes arising from the pandemic, we are able to help with settling business interruption, bankruptcy and labour disputes. Our mediators and arbitrators can bring resolution to your disputes quickly and at a fraction of the cost when compared to going to court. We are able to provide our dispute resolution services either face to face or online.


With the coming advent of autonomous vehicles, and the increased reliance on automotive blackboxes, it is important to have a strong understanding as it relates to technology for dispute resolution professionals.

Civil Litigation (Technology and Traditional):

Technology weaves it way through all disputes big and small in the civil litigation area.  Understanding the value and the role that technology plays is essential is settling these disputes.


Understanding the value of digital assets becomes a cornerstone to bringing swift clos to bankruptcy related disputes.  Technology has a finite shelf life and by using ADR Professionals, it helps to bring quick resolution to disputes. 

Trade Disputes:

Trade and commerce are shifting to an online environment as more and more business are using the Internet to transact business.  Many of these disputes are complicated not only in the how they evolved, but also in how to bring settlement to the file.

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Cybersecurity Disputes:
In today’s business world, there are continual threats in the cyber space. Once a cyber attack occurs, then disputes arise as to who is liable. The only way in which to bring quick resolution to these disputes is by using ADR as opposed to traditional courts.

Entertainment Disputes:

Many times, there are disputes that arise among stakeholders in the entertainment and digital media industries. Whether it be contractual disputes or any other dispute related to the entertainment industry, we can bring quick and effective resolution.

Family Law Disputes:

Family law disputes are forever tied to our court system, however, these disputes become expensive. Our team has experience in collaborative family law resolution which helps to settle cases in a cost effective manner.

Business Interruption Mediations/Arbitrations

In short, we are the one-stop portal in which to educate, implement strategies and if required, a place in which to settle business interruption, bankruptcy and labour related disputes because of Covid-19.

The Settlement Room

Click on the button below and enter the settlement room to begin to bring settlement to your dispute.

At Conflict Resolution Place, we utilize the latest in technology advancement in order to improve access to justice for all participants. We use video technology to connect parties in order to settle dispute online. Our platform allows disputes to be settled in a cost effective and efficient manner. The Settlement Room is able to bring together multiple parties (Up to 20 links) in order to conduct mediations. We can handle all types of disputes and connect parties through our encrypted and secure video link. With our video technology we can simulate the in-person mediation experience all the way down to the signing of settlement documents between parties.

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Meet Our Mediators & Arbitrators

We are individuals who help other individuals with their problems and needs
Jeffrey Musson
(B.A., B.Comm, LL.M.)

Mediator, Arbitrator, Risk Mgmt Expert, Trainer

Marcel Mongeon

Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator

Steve Smith
(B.A., J.D.)

Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, Consultant

Irvin Sherman
(B.A., J.D., LL.M.)

Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator, Lawyer

Charles (Chuck) Matheson
(B.A., B.Comm, LL.M.)

Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator, Facilitator, Coach

Kim Dempsey
(B.A., B.Comm, LL.M.)

Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator, Trainer, Lawyer

Julian G. Ferguson
(MA, MSc)

mediator, negotiator, facilitator and ADR educator

What our clients think of us

The panelists at this firm are some of the most knowledgeable and professional experts in the area of dispute resolution.  Every time I need a case settled, they are the first firm that I call.  I would highly recommend their panelists for anyone needing a dispute settled.

Jennifer C. Lawyer Dentons

Industry Partners


Setting her sights on Toronto’s Quayside plan to convert 12 acres of former industrial and docking land into a community that is connected from the ground up, Ann Cavoukian envisions a “smart city of privacy, not a smart city of surveillance.”


They’re called automobiles for a reason. Mobility is their defining virtue and the reason you need insurance.

As in-house counsel for Shopify, Vivek Narayanadas has to navigate a constantly changing landscape when it comes to privacy and data protection laws around the world.

In a world where consumers are always looking for opportunities to cut out middlemen and gatekeepers, finance is no exception.

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